Welcome to Florida Appeals Journal, a new video report considering trends and issues in Florida appellate law, hosted by Jennifer S. Carroll, one of the most experienced, respected and renowned board-certified appellate attorneys in Florida.

In each episode, Jennifer will explore the decision in a recently appellate civil case and the ramifications for practicing attorneys in Florida. She will also examine an important issue facing lawyers in Florida courts. Finally, based on her decades of experience in Florida appellate law, she will offer helpful suggestions for best practices for protecting clients’ appellate interests in navigating the procedures in the lower courts.

Florida Appeals Journal: Protect yourself from unwarranted fees from opposing attorneys

JOURNAL ENTRY 1.2019 1.) THE BIG CASE: The current rules in Florida expert testimony and how we got here. 2.) THE BIG ISSUE: Loopholes in Florida attorney fees law and how they’re sometimes abused. 3) COURTROOM SAVVY: How to protect yourself from unwarranted attorneys fees against your client.


Florida Appeals Journal: A trend to treat divorce and alimony differently than other civil cases.

JOURNAL ENTRY 2.2019 1.) THE BIG CASE: When are you required to file a motion for a rehearing with the trial court? It’s tricky. 2.) THE BIG ISSUE: Is there a trend toward recognizing that dissolution of marriage and alimony cases are different from other civil cases? . 3) COURTROOM SAVVY: What’s the best practice to protect the opportunity for a rehearing in family law?


Florida Appeals Journal: How do video and digital advances affect evidentiary and legal standards?

JOURNAL ENTRY 3.2019 1.) THE BIG CASE: A fatal accident case pits dash cam evidence against eyewitness testimony. 2.) THE BIG ISSUE: Florida 5th DCA sends evidentiary question to Florida Supreme Court . 3) COURTROOM SAVVY: In light of the technological advances, what’s the best practice to follow regarding summary judgement?

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