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Our Objectives

The mandate of our firm is to provide the highest quality legal services for our clients, from the moment that we become engaged in their legal process.

Our approach to appellate practice in Florida

The Law Offices of Jennifer S. Carroll, P.A. is dedicated to advocating and protecting clients’ rights in state and federal appeals, as well as pretrial, trial and post-trial proceedings.

We have a long-range perspective on civil proceedings and we look ahead to the potential post-trial ramifications as we do the following:

  • Determine the most efficient legal resolution of the case at trial level
  • Seek declaratory judgments when necessary to enforce and protect our clients’ rights
  • Use appellate process during pretrial, trial, and post-trial proceedings to ensure protection of our clients’ rights
  • Prepare legal arguments at the trial level for potential appellate issues
  • Preserve the trial record for all potential appellate issues
  • Guard against reversible error by the trial court

For an initial consultation with a Florida appellate specialist, contact the Law Offices of Jennifer S. Carroll, P.A.

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